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Teamwork to Conquer EPCOT

Welcome back, Mousekefriends! This week, we visit EPCOT to discuss the perfect way to use teamwork to best enjoy the park. Sometimes divide and conquer is the motto of the day… especially at EPCOT

First of all, EPCOT Virtual Queues

First thing in the morning, EPCOT’s virtual queues and Lightning Lanes open. Grab a friend and get in the queue for Guardians of the Galaxy (or buy the individual lightning lane). As you’re getting your Guardians slot, get your friend to snag your Genie+ for Ratatouille, Test Track or Frozen first thing.  

Send a Friend to Grab Your Snacks

This may be a controversial movhSe to some, but if your group is heading to a line, send one to snag a snack. While your friends wait at Ratatouille, send one to grab some crepes. On your way to Frozen? Have a friend snag your school-bread since you’re already going to be in Norway! Send your fastest walker ahead if you’re not wanting to have them meet you up in the line. 

Use Your Best EPCOT Bathroom Etiquette

A good teammate NEVER makes the whole team wait for them to use the bathroom. When one goes, you all go so you can make the most of your day! Check out some of our favorite EPCOT bathrooms from our Best Bathroom Episode here.

Conquering Space with Guardian’s and Space 220

Know your team! Inevitably, one of your teammates won’t want to ride Guardians, so send your sweet talking pal to Space 220 to try and snag a walk-up space! Divide and conquer and enjoy the atmosphere of Space 220 after saving the galaxy.

Winning Festivals as a Team

Epcot Festival of Arts

Use your team to make the most of your time at the EPCOT festivals. Not only can you each go to a different booth to grab all the things you want to gorge yourselves on, but you can also share! EPCOT festival food usually boast shareable portion sizes so you can all try a little bit of a TON of snacks. 

Fireworks Teamwork

A lot of people may not know this, but EPCOT fireworks are at the very end of the park hours, technically after the park closes. This means no snacks when the fireworks are done. We recommend putting part of your team on fireworks-viewing spot duty, and sending out a couple to grab any snacks and drinks you may want during the show, or for the hotel later. 

Today’s Mouseketip

Teamwork can be exhausting… be sure to refuel by sharing all your favorite EPCOT snacks! 

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