MousekeMoms Must-Do’s in Magic Kingdom

Spring Break is upon us all! As the masses start heading to Florida and to Walt Disney World, we are seeing larger crowds and higher wait times. When the parks are busy, and the wait times are long, you really want to focus on your must-do’s. There is so much to do and see even in the quieter time of the year, it’s impossible to accomplish everything. 

It got us thinking:  how would we narrow down our must-do’s to make the most of our day in the Magic Kingdom?  

Must-Do Rides & Attractions

Splash Mountain History

Three different MousekeMoms lead to three different opinions. Naturally. For Lori, her must-do’s vary depending on age. For the older kids in her family and for the adults, she goes to the mountains for her must-do attractions. For the little guy, no trip is complete without a visit to Dumbo or Peter Pan.  Jen had a different approach. For our loyal podcast listeners, it should come as no shock that Jen’s must-do is always Pirates of the Caribbean. But for her kids, it’s got to be Space Mountain. Juliana decided that for her next trip to the Orlando parks with the family, she will prioritize the Tiki Room (because it’s been a while) and the Jungle Cruise to catch the changed Skipper schpiel when that happens. 

Must-Eat Snacks

Gaston's Tavern

Almost as important as the rides and attractions… the snacks! The MousekeMoms must-eat snacks run the gamut from savory to sweet bites. Lori is a huge fan of the popular egg roll cart in Adventureland. During Covid, this cart has been making an appearance exclusively on the weekends, so plan accordingly. We are BIG fans of the cheeseburger egg roll. Jen also prefers the savory and loves the tots at Friar Nook’s in Fantasyland. Her favorite is the Buffalo chicken bowl. Yum. Juliana prefers a sweet snack and she’s not alone. Her popular choice is the amazing (and enormous) cinnamon roll from Gaston’s Tavern! Truly not to be missed!

Must-do Photo Ops

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

One thing you MUST do while visiting the Magic Kingdom, is pose for a photo to capture the moment.  Lori prefers the traditional. Her family MUST get a picture in front of Cinderella’s castle in the “hub” area every trip. No trip is complete without it. Jen purchases the Memory Maker for every trip. Her family LOVES the ride photos. They pre-plan the pose or face they’ll make and it’s a great way to capture, even her teenagers, being silly on vacation.  Similar to Jen’s choice, Juliana also loves the Memory Maker. She loves the many “Magic Shot” additions that the PhotoPass photographers can add to her family photos. Whether it’s incorporating Tinker Bell to her family picture in front of the castle or Stitch to her family photo in Tomorrowland, these shots offer fun little surprises to add to her family vacation memories. 

Must- Sees

Happily Ever After

Jen is all about the traditional. Although the fireworks are currently not operating, Jen and her family typically never misses a show. They’ll be back!! Lori and Juliana, on the other hand, are all about the details. Juliana and her family love exploring the many little details and Easter eggs throughout the park, particularly in the Haunted Mansion. Lori always makes it a point to take her time walking through Cinderella’s castle on her way to Fantasyland to admire the mosaics on the castle walls.  There are always so many new little details to uncover that there can be new discoveries during every trip!

Must-Do Traditions

Magic Kingdom

Our three families each have different traditions that have developed and changed over the years. Jen’s family typically likes to visit the Magic Kingdom on the first day of the vacation and the last day- like bookends. Lori’s tradition is to make sure she snaps a picture of her boys in their Mickey Mouse hats sitting in front of the castle. What a cool collage she’ll have!! Juliana likes to sprinkle some pixie dust for her girls during each family trip. Tinker Bell makes an appearance in some way to bring a little bit of magic and surprise for her girls. There are so many ways to incorporate family traditions in to every vacation to add an extra touch of magic. 

Whatever you decide to do to prioritize your must-do’s in the Magic Kingdom, remember that it is impossible to see and do it all. Sometimes slowing down to smell the roses is when the real magic happens. If you need help planning your next vacation with the guide of experts like your MousekeMoms, let us know!  What are your must-do’s in the Magic Kingdom?

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