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Must-Do’s in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We are still in the midst of a BUSY Spring Break season! The masses continue to head to Walt Disney World and in this age of no FastPasses and social distancing, we thought we would cover the must-do’s in Disney’s Animal Kingdom to help you prioritize a great day in that park. When the parks are busy, and the wait times are long you really want to focus on your must dos. Prioritize. Here’s how; but first….

The MousekeCocktail

We recommend trying the Boto-rita from Nomad Lounge located right next to Tiffins. Ingedients include Zignum Reposado Mezcal, Combier Grapefruit Liqueur, Guava Purée, and Lime Juice. Sounds like just the refreshing cocktail you’ll need for a hot spring day in Florida. 
Nomad Lounge Disney's Animal Kingdom


A must-do for all three of us on every trip is the Kilimanjaro Safaris. This is arguably the main attraction for this theme park. Nowhere else in the world (shy of an actual African safari) will you be able to experience wildlife in this way. Each safari is different because there is no way to control or predict where the animals will be or what they will be doing. You’ll be able to discover new things with every ride. You really cannot visit the Animal Kingdom without exploring here. Juliana’s must-do is Expedition Everest, the fast moving roller coaster located in Asia. This, for sure, should be on the must-do list for every thrill seeker. Be sure to read to the end for our Mouseketip about riding this one multiple times in one day. Finally, we can’t forget to mention Flight of Passage in Pandora. This unique ride experience based on the movie, Avatar, puts guests on an exciting adventure flying on the back of a banshee. A mix between a virtual reality attraction and a roller coaster, this one is not your average theme park attraction and deserves it’s place on your must-do’s in Disney’s Animal Kingdom list!


8 Spoon Cafe Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park is a hidden gem for great food! We had a really hard time narrowing down our favorites. Definitely make a stop over to Mr. Kamal’s food truck to grab their famous seasoned fries with dipping sauces. Sauces include saffron aioli, curried honey mustard and Korean chili ketchup. The next stop you’ll want to be sure to make is over to 8 Spoon Cafe to grab their mac ‘n’ cheese topped with pulled pork. It’s not to be missed! Finally, you’ll need something tasty to drink after all of those snacks, so head on over to Tamu Tamu for a refreshing African coffee with Amarula Cream Liqueur. 

Photo Opportunities

Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park is undoubtedly the most beautiful theme park on Disney property. There are countless spots for beautiful, Instagram-worthy family photos. Let’s narrow it down to our favorites. The first must-do photo you need is a picture with our favorite bird from Pixar’s movie, Up. Kevin can usually be found wandering around Discovery Island or by the entrance of the Up bird show in between Asia and Africa. She is a fun, interactive character meet so seek her out. Another must-do photo op is, of course, in front of the iconic Tree of Life. And, finally, you must be sure to snap a picture of your group in front of the floating mountains in Pandora. There is typically a PhotoPass photographer perched at both of these photo op locations so take advantage of their expertise and get a picture!


Maharajah Jungle Trek Animal Kingdom

In addition to the safari expedition, there are a plethora of other ways in which you can experience the animals of Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. One of our favorites is via the Maharaja jungle trek. See animals traditionally found in Asia such as tigers, gibbons, Komodo dragons and over 50 species of birds. A similar walking expedition in Africa, Gorilla Falls, gets you up close and personal with the animals of Africa such as gorillas and hippos. Another must-see attraction is the iconic Tree of Life by the entrance of the park. Be sure to see this one at night. After the sun goes down, there is a beautiful projection show called Tree of Life Awakenings that runs continuously and brings the images on the tree to life. It is a sight to behold. Finally, you MUST make a point of visiting Pandora when the sun goes down as well. It is like an entirely different park at night with the bioluminescence bringing out features of the landscape that you just won’t see during the daylight hours. Don’t miss it!


Many of our favorite MousekeMom traditions with our own families revolve around the attractions we’ve already highlighted. Lori and her family always make it a point to visit the Kilimanjaro Safari first thing in the morning when they arrive in the park. This is when the animals are at their most active so guests are sure to experience the most animal diversity during their tour. Jen’s tradition with her family is to ride Expedition Everest at the very end of the night right before park closing. Firstly, you will get a unique perspective on that ride in the dark. The line for this attraction tends to empty right before close. This typically enables Jen and her family to just keep riding this coaster over and over again multiple times in a row. And finally, Juliana’s tradition is to make it a point to visit the new Animation Experience on Rafiki’s Planet Watch with her family. This experience is good for the whole family and provides guests with the opportunity to have a unique interaction with a cast member as they teach you how to draw an animated animal and tell you stories about their experiences with animation and the Disney company. It is the perfect attraction for Disney animation fans. 

What are your must-do’s in Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park? We’d love to hear from you. And, of course, dates are open for booking through late 2022 so plan those busy times ahead! We can help!

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