MousekeMoms Stylist, Suze Solari’s Favorite Things for Holiday Travel

We are so very excited for this week’s podcast episode. It is a great extension of last week’s episodes where we brought you our MousekeMom’s favorite things! We hope our list helped you with your holiday shopping. If you need more help, today is your day! We’ve saved you a good one. Today it’s all about gifts for mom or the ladies in your lives. We are talking about the best travel essentials to look and feel great and we needed an expert to help us out! Our MousekeMoms stylist, Suze Solari will give us her favorite things for holiday travel!

Image Consultant

Suze Solari is an image consultant and fashion author and she runs the Style LAB Club Group on Facebook and she has a membership program devoted to assisting beautiful women to become confident in their clothing style, but also within themselves. It is a true mind, body, and soul experience! Her motto is

 Empowering Women To Be Comfortable With Their Authentic Self & Expressing This Through Their Wardrobe Style!

Suze has an amazing, beautiful and super informative newsletter that you can subscribe to to learn more.

Suze has put together for us her top 5 picks for your suitcase that are functional, versatile and stylish. A winning combination. Get inspired by our style contributor, Suze Solari’s fail proof, curated items to dive into your holiday travel shopping season! Let’s get shopping!

5. Velvet Wrap Top


The first must-have for your holiday travel needs is an amazing top. This one is perfect as it can be styled for day or night. It is chosen with comfort in mind as well, so it is perfect for your long travel day. The wrap style is suited to all body types. Find it here

4. Jogger


A silky chic jogger pant is the perfect addition to your suitcase and a definite favorite thing for holiday travel. Again, with comfort in mind, this is the perfect choice for your travel day. These pants can be dressed up or down and can easily be worn with a chic sandal or a cute ankle boot, depending on the climate. 

3. Ankle Boot


This lug sole lace up ankle bootie by Sorel is another clear winner of the favorite holiday travel item. These shoes add some style to any outfit. They can be paired with jeans, your chic new joggers or even a flowy, flowery dress. 

2. Cross body bag


The JOY Cross body Italian Leather Handbag is not only a favorite holiday travel essential, but really just an essential. It is large enough to fit your wallet, sunglasses, passport and makeup. The cross body feature of this style of handbag means that all of your items are easily accessible to you. The Italian leather is buttery soft and the color options for this particular bag are simply gorgeous. BONUS: our MousekeFans will get 10% off by using the  coupon code: Suze10. 

1. Make-Up Bundle

Make up

For our final items in our favorite holiday travel essentials, check out this LimeLife make-up light mirror and long lasting lip gloss. The mirror is the perfect size to fit in your suitcase or handbag. It’s wireless and chargeable. Use it to touch up your make up on the plane or to apply your makeup in the hotel room- essential for those moms who don’t get enough bathroom time in front of the mirror when traveling with kids. 

Hopefully we’ve given you some food for thought and some extra items on your shopping list for that holiday travel. For more style tips, be sure to sign up for Suze’s newsletter. And for more detailed packing hacks, check out her Pack with Purpose Handbook

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