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Must-Do’s at Epcot at Walt Disney World

It’s mid April and that means we are right in the thick of busy Spring Break Season at Walt Disney World. Despite overall fewer actual numbers of people at the parks, reduced attraction capacity and social distancing requirements make navigating the crowds a little complicated. You will definitely want to prioritize your experiences. Epcot is the largest of the theme parks in terms of walkable space. Although there are the fewest rides and attractions in this park, that does not mean that there is not a lot to see and do and we have your top strategy for conquering this park.We’ve decided to share with you our list of Must-Do’s at Epcot


Epcot Drinks

We MousekeMoms will find a way to start any must-do list with a MousekeCocktail, but there are no single cocktail Must-Do’s at Epcot. It’s  impossible to choose just one. This is the park with enough options for people to ‘drink around the world’. Many have attempted it, but how many of us have actually succeeded? These MousekeMoms consider the task accomplished if we get to sample a few of our favorites as we meander the World Showcase. 

We love to start with the Tipsy Ducks in Love at Joy of Tea in China, and move on to drinks like Schofferhofer beer in Germany, La Vie en Rose in France (when available), or beer in America, among many other options.


Test Track

Soarin’ and Test Track are on everyone’s list of Must-Do’s at Epcot. We agree. Test track is the only thrill ride in the park, but unfortunately it breaks down a lot. We recommend queuing up for this one first thing in the morning The line tends to get longer as the day goes on. Soarin’s line can be a little more forgiving, but not much. Try taking this peaceful journey across the planet first thing in the morning. If you ride Test Track in the morning, ride Soarin’  later in the evening around dinner time or just before closing.

The Seas with Nemo and Friends almost never has a line so you can ride it at any time, but we still consider it a priority. From the greedy seagulls cawing outside to the righteous waves of the EAC inside, this ride takes you right into Nemo’s World. And bonus, there is so much to SEA (see what I did there?) in The Seas pavilion where Nemo is located. Take the time to wander around the huge tank and explore. 


In fact, take the time to explore interactive areas at the exits of other rides in Future World: ImageWorks at the exit of Journey Into Imagination, The Advanced Training Lab at Mission Space, or Project Tomorrow at Spaceship Earth (note some areas temporarily unavailable).


Epcot Must-Do Snack

We talk about the snacks at Epcot more than snacks in any other park. With so many Must-Do’s at Epcot, it is really tough to pick a single snack. Add special Festival selections, like those Jen and Lori recently enjoyed at the Flower and Garden Festival to the usual park staples, and the choice becomes impossible. We’ve done our best to narrow it down. Somewhat. We love Epcot Snacks.

Snack in Mexico and France. You can count on options to please everyone at either of these. At the boulangerie in France, you can indulge in a salty or sweet treat….or both! We are eager to try the brioche ice cream sandwich at L’Artisan des Glaces.

If you have Fish and Chips fans, The Yorkshire County Fish Shop in the UK serves up a pretty good version. It’s a good filling snack to grab and enjoy with a pub beverage near the beautiful UK gardens.

School Bread

Jen always has to have the  School Bread in Norway…paired with a Schofferhofer grapefruit beer of course. Lori and I tried this suggestion for the first time last October. She can keep the beer, but we will share a school bread with her any time.

In fact, we suggest not making dining reservations at Epcot, and, instead, snacking your way through the day. This is especially fun during Festivals. Each snack is only a few bites, so they’re perfect for sharing and tasting as much as possible. Go with a group. Don’t make reservations, and share, share, SHARE

Photo Ops


While there are so many photo-worthy details in Epcot, we prefer some of the more recognizable spots for. Everyone needs a photo in front of the iconic Spaceship Earth, or ‘bouncy ball’ as Lori’s kids call it. This pic at night is at the top of out list of Must-Do’s at Epccot. If you didn’t get this photo, did you even go to Epcot? Most of us get this shot as soon as we walk into the park. But, we also love how it looks across the lagoon in the background from the gate in Japan. 

The bridge in Italy is also a really pretty spot for a photo with the lagoon in the background. And if you ask, a furry friend just may show up in your photo.

epcot photo op


We talk a lot about the infinite gems to discover at Epcot if you take the time to look.  There are so many unique details and Easter Eggs. We find The World Showcase especially fun for discovering Hidden Mickeys.


For the first time, if you can believe it, Lori recently discovered the beautiful garden and waterfall behind Canada. We all love Canada. Other favorites include UK and Japan, and France has recently stepped up it’s game with the recent expansion.


As dated and cliche as it may be, Lori and I always have to do Spaceship Earth with our kids. Lori’s kids love creating their futures at Project Tomorrow. As proud Gen Xers, my husband (computer engineer) and I are fascinated by the reminder of how far technology has come. We also love to point out the old IBM slogan ‘THINK’ on the desk in the computer room. As an IBMer, and the son of an IBMer, he had one of those signs on his own desk as a kid. Despite our sense of nostalgia, we do support this attraction’s overdue refresh (currently on hold). We just hope this little feature survives the updates.


It’s no secret that Epccot is a MousekeMom favorite. Jen’s family loves it so much that their tradition is to visit this park at least two full days each trip. Epcot has so much to offer for the whole family. We love it. Our kids love it. With limited time, you may have to prioritize your must-do’s at Epcot. Whether you follow our suggestions or come up with your own list, we know you will love it too.

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