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Packing for Your Disney Vacation

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Packing for Disney requires a lot of thought! Disney is not a sprint but a marathon! When in Disney you will be walking, eating, and having loads of fun. The ups and downs of hot to cold temperatures can be more than you expected.  Be prepared or you will be tempted to buy something you forgot or didn’t realize you needed. 

Let me help you survive, I mean, enjoy your Disney vacation with the family. The right items in your bag will help you feel comfortable all day and maybe save a little money as well…that is if you don’t buy that amazing new Disney themed bag. Yes, we know you need it. Let’s get into packing for Disney, so you have the BEST trip EVER!

Packing for Disney: Inside Holly's Backpack

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No one wants a backache from a crazy over packed bag. When packing for Disney, let’s try to narrow down what are the most important items to bring inside the park. What you decide as extras just becomes a great workout (Wink wink) as you enjoy the sights, attractions, food and Disney characters. 

  • Phone plus an extra battery or a way to charge: Taking lots of pictures, getting all the best videos, and using the free Disney app on your device will eat up battery. Always have a way to charge. I love solar energy. Put the solar charged battery pack on the stroller and let the sun go to work. 
  • Sunscreen: No it’s not just for the kiddos. No one wants to go home with an awful sunburn. Even on a cloudy day apply sunscreen to the body and face. By the way, purchasing sunscreen in the park will cost more than normal. Save a little by buying sunscreen before you get to Disney. 
  • Sunglasses + Disney hats: My hair is thin and I will burn at my natural hair part. Take my word for it, wear a hat. Your balding husband will definitely want protection from the hours in the sun. Pro tip: make sure your sunglasses are connected to something or Big Thunder Mountain might eat your glasses.
  • Reusable Water Bottle: No one wants to pay 5-6 dollars every time you get thirsty. Bring in an inexpensive water bottle to refill throughout the day. Disney will gladly give you free cups of water. Pro tip: ask for no ice to get more water! 
  • Hand Sanitizer/Wipes: The rides are touched by so many people. Remember littles love to pick their noses. Yes, that is gross. So always sanitize your hands before scarfing down that giant Mickey cookie. 
  • LipBalm: Your lips need love too. Being outside all day and riding attractions in the wind, will dry those guys right out. 
  • Poncho/lightweight jacket: It rains in Florida…a lot. I always carry my poncho in a plastic resealable bag. That way after I am done with the poncho, I do not have to wet everything in my bag. Bring a jacket too because once you are wet you may feel chilly in the AC or in the evening if the temperature drops. It is better to have it than have to buy a $60-100 jacket at Disney. Yes, I admit I have their Minnie Mouse lightweight Jacket. (Not saying if I forgot mine that trip.) 
  • Pain Reliever: We all get a headache once in a while. Being at Disney brings fun and sometimes a little pain. It happens. 
  • MagicBands/tickets: If you forget or lose your MagicBand, have your tickets or be able to access them on your phone via the My Disney Experience app.
  • Simple Snacks: Such as peanut butter crackers, trail mix, dried fruit, or protein bars. The snacks you bring in the park are meant to keep your energy up, so you don’t blow all your money on food or have that exhausted hangry meltdown while waiting for your next attraction. No worries, of course you can still eat all the churros and Mickey bars. 

Packing for Disney: What to Wear?

Packing for Disney

Yes, I am that person who plans their clothes for each day when packing for Disney. I love to match my MagicBand to my outfit or match the clothes to the park I plan to attend. BUT most importantly, I like to be comfortable while I get my Disney WORKOUT on. Disney is a workout. I’m sweating, walking at least 15,000 steps, and hydrating like crazy. I’m usually hydrating with something from Choza de Margarita, but that has ice and ice is water. 

Want to dress in character? Sorry, no costumes allowed for adults. However, you can dress LIKE a Disney character without it being a costume. Think like POOH. Think..Think..Think. You could have on a red t-shirt and yellow shorts/pants. Add some Winnie the Pooh Ears and you are set. Or maybe you dreamed of being Snow White. Be a princess for a day in a cute blue top with a nice flowing yellow skirt. Don’t forget princesses wear crowns. Go buy that tiara in Epcot you had your eye on.  

No matter your clothes, comfortable shoes are a must. Please don’t wait til Disney to break in the new sneakers. Oh the blisters!!! See, I told you to pack bandaids. You need comfortable shoes that will let you enjoy the parks all day. My go-to is always a broken-in pair of tennis shoes. Oh how I love flip flops, but can’t do a whole day in the park with them. More power to you if you live in your flops. Remember Disney is a marathon not a sprint. I walked 40,000 steps in a 24 hour period at Disney World. Yes, I visited all 4 parks. Not to brag or anything.

Pack well and you will come home with awesome memories, stories,  and maybe a good tan since you remembered to pack the sunscreen! Yes, the 50 plus is great for adults not just kids. Your skin will thank you later. Oh what’s that you don’t have a trip planned. Well, let’s remedy that now by planning your next Disney adventure. Time to pack YOUR bag for the park!


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  1. You really are amazing when it comes to your suggestions on packing and planning, I know 1st hand. You made our trip so more enjoyable and stress free! Thank you again!

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