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Universal Studios Florida Premier Resorts Savings Tip

Premier Resorts and savings are not usually in the same sentence. I am going to explain how staying in a Universal Studios Florida Premier Resort can actually save you money.Stay with me here I promise this will all make sense!


Universal Studios Florida has two theme parks: Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.  The big draw to the parks are Harry Potter World. Diagon Alley is in Universal Studios and Hogsmeade and Hogwarts are in Islands of Adventure. The Hogswarts Express Train connect you to both parks, and you need a park to park ticket to use the train. The tickets at Universal are priced based on day.  A one day ticket before tax is around $119.  Let’s say you want to go two days. A 2 day base ticket is around $225 dollars for 1 adult.

Unlimited Express Pass

If you are familiar with Disney, this is Universal’s Fast Pass system. This is a pass where you can skip the main line and enjoy the rides at a lot less time. The big difference between Universal and what was Disney’s Fast Pass is that Universal Studios Express pass costs money and a fair amount. On a weekend the Express Pass can cost between $149 – $199 a person per day. For argument’s sake let’s say it is $150 per day per person. If you have 2 Adults for an Express for 2 days it would cost you $600.

Royal Pacific
Royal Pacific
Portofino Bay

Universal Studios has 3 types of resorts: Value, Preferred, and Premier. The Premier Resorts are Loews Royal Pacific Resort, Hard Rock Hotel, and Loews Portofino Bay Hotel.  They are the top end of the price range at usual $400 – $500 per night. The resorts are all beautiful and all within walking distance to the parks. Don’t feel like walking to the parks? No problem there are scenic ferry boats that will take you there for when your feet are tired.  You are also within walking distance to Universal’s City Walk and all the food and drink offerings you would want.  The big advantage to staying in a Premier resort is that you receive Unlimited Express Passes for your stay. Now the best part about this is that if you stay one night, let’s say a Saturday night, you receive the Unlimited Express Pass for Saturday and Sunday!

Doing the Math

So you decided it is a busy weekend, you do not want to wait in the hour long lines.

If you buy an Express Pass for 2 Adults for Saturday and Sunday it would cost you $600. 

If you stay at a Premier Resort for 2 Adults the rate that weekend was $500 a night at a very nice resort for you to relax in after the parks. PLUS you get Unlimited Express Pass Saturday and Sunday.

In the end if you stay in the Resort you will save $100 and enjoy a great night’s sleep!

In the end it is what you are comfortable spending, and what really matters to you for your Universal Studios Florida experience, but this a great excuse and money savings opportunity to contact your friends at Kingdom and Cruise and enjoy a great nights sleep!

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