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Restaurant Review: Brunch at The Boathouse

Let me first start off by saying, I LOVE me some brunch! When I saw there was going to be brunch at The Boathouse, my brunch loving family was there on opening day, and of course I am going to share my review with all of you!

The Boathouse
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The Boathouse is located in Disney Springs. It is located on the water, and known for their yummy seafood, drinks, and the Amphicars! Amphicars are cars and boats at the sametime that you can take a spin on the lake at Disney Springs!  This restaurant is on a lot of peoples list even before the Brunch option due to the fun atmosphere, delish food, and gorgeous view. The inside is decorated as you would think like an inside of a boathouse. There is a large bar, a table that is actually a boat (more on this later), and loads of outdoor seating looking out onto the water.


The new weekend brunch is being called : “The Captain’s Sing-Along Brunch.” What is the sign-along portion means you ask? Dueling Pianos, that is right, LIVE entertainment. If you are a fan of dueling pianos, than you might know Rob, who also performed at Jelly Rolls over at Boardwalk Resort before COVID. So nice to see him performing again!

The brunch runs from 10 am to 3 pm with dueling pianos from 11 am until 2 pm. Big tip: guests who wear a captain’s hat or Boathouse shirt receive a free mimosa.

Below is the menu for the brunch AND you can also order off the regular menu which is an amazing option as well!

Boathouse Menu
The Food and Drinks
Boathouse Bloody Mary

Each meal starts with their honey glazed rolls with a sweet butter, yes you can ask for seconds 🙂 

Of course, to start any meal you need a drink!! Espresso Martinio was calling my name that morning and it did not disappoint. A bit of sweetness, wonderful caffeine, Stoli Vanilla, and Kahlua make this drink perfect!  If you are a Bloddy Mary person this also was amazing, look at the size of that shrimp!

Boathouse food 1
Boathouse food 2
boathouse food 3

We ordered the Avocado Toast and the Shrimp and Grits. Both were great, but the Shrimp and Grits were amazing!  Avocado toast had an insane amount of avocados on it, was a very filling meal. The Shrimp and Grits though were the star! The creamy grits were fantastic with a perfectly cooked egg on top. Of course the kids ordered the Belgium Waffle, pretty standard but they were happy! We did hear that the Jumbo Lump Crabcakes Benedict was fantastic, and the Fried Chicken Biscuit and Gravy. So those are going on our list to order next time we are there!


I would highly recommend this brunch. With the great food and drinks, amazing views on the water, and now awesome entertainment you can not go wrong by making a reservation here.  I recommend a 10:30 or 11am reservation to get the full experience of brunch and the dueling pianos.

With so many brunch options at Disney Springs, but Boathouse, will for sure become a popular option.

Let us know your thoughts below or contact us with questions!

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