toddlers at epcot

Toddlers at Epcot

 If you have listened to us before (yes our one listener) than you know that these Mousekemoms LOVE Epcot.  We also hear a ton of people stating that Epcot isn’t for the toddlers in your group. Well we are here to prove you wrong and talk about how Toddlers will love Epcot and Toddlers at Epcot is a great decision.


You’ll be there early with the toddlers, and you have to show them you eat or drink your veggies right? So we have to start off with our cocktail:

Stow Away Mary from Refreshment Port

This Bloody Mary changes seasonally, but you can always find it with pimento-stuffed olives, cherry tomato, and celery, with additional rotating toppings like jumbo shrimp, chicken nuggets, and even smokehouse jerky. It’s a good morning or brunch drink, as it’s sold right at the Refreshment Port as you enter World Showcase from Future World.


Yes, the three of us have chatted about Epcot, A LOT! Well, now we thought we would focus more on how Epcot can be great for toddlers!  We truly believe that this park can make the Adults and the toddlers happy, and become one of their favorite parks!Let’s start with the rides and attractions that the toddlers will love!

Logan outside nemo
Logan. nemo

Nemo and Friends – who doesn’t love nemo. This family friendly ride is great for everyone, but really hits home with the toddlers.  The story of looking for nemo comes alive and ends with a catchy song and some real life aquatic life. When getting off this ride don’t run out of the building, grab a scavenger hunt book and explore. Finding Dory’s Friends Scavenger Hunt (self-led) is a your free scavenger hunt booklet on the first floor of the Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion and solve the puzzles and clues to help Dory remember and find her marine friends.  Also don’t miss Turtle Talk with Crush – An interactive animated film featuring Crush (the turtle from Finding Nemo) who tells jokes and answers questions from audience members. Entertaining and education, this tends to be very popular with kids.

spaceship earth

Spaceship Earth – In the big “bouncy ball” as my toddler calls it you can learn history on this ride and of course press all the buttons your toddler desires to create the future that they want.   Best part is when you exit the ride and they can look for their family members pictures on the big map.

Living on the Land – Although this ride is known for great a nap, toddlers will love the different lands you go through.  The best part is at the end when you tour the produce and they can point out their favorite vegetables and fruit, and of course a hidden mickey or two.

Figment – This adorable purple dragon takes your toddler and your family on a journey to their imagination.  Your toddler will especially love the tour of Figments house that is completely up side down!  Don’t miss the great interactive elements when exiting the ride!

Grande Fiesta Tour

Grand Fiesta Tour- Inside Mexico’s pavilion, adults grab a margarita and when you are finished take your toddler on a ride with Donald as he wonders around Mexico. This slow moving boat ride with have your kiddos singing along. 

Frozen – Over in Norway this toddler favorite with love this ride. Although there is only scary part with a snow monster, they will “Let it go” and laugh at Olaf!


Epcot has some wonderful toddler friendly restaurants that feature some of their favorite characters!

Garden Grill – Located in the Living on the land pavilion, this restaurant has a great family style menu.The restaurant rotates showing different views of the ride living on the land.  Most importantly they get to say hi to Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale!

Akerhaus – Located in Norway this restaurant is home to all the princesses! If you have a toddler princess, this is the place to be! Food is served part family style, part buffet. Your toddler princess with be in awe of real life princesses!


Flower and Garden Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts around the world – Depending on when you are going, if there is a festival there is a scavenger hunt that is great for toddlers to run around in each country and look for there items, and of course the amazing prices at the end.  This activity does cost $7.99 per map, it comes with fun stickers too!

Epcot Kidcot Stations – is a free activity, just stop at one and pickup a passport.  There are Kidcot stations throughout Epcot, in both FutureWorld and the World Showcase. Your kids can decorate a card stock Duffy the Bear (free) at which ever station they stop at first. Then they can add a decoration at each additional station throughout Epcot. The World Showcase Kidcot stations can be especially fun because there will often be a Cast Member (Disney employee) from the country represented by the pavilion – giving kids the chance to meet someone from another country. My kids asked the Cast Member in the Japan and China Pavilions to write their (the child’s) name on the back of the bear – it was neat to see it written in a way that is so very different from our English alphabet.

Explore the Pavilions – Let your toddler out of the stroller (yes I know crazy) and let them walk around in Italy, roam the coy ponds in Japan, or see the tile work in Morrocco. So much to see and explore for your little toddler to roam around!

Disney Cavalcades – These “mini parades” are run throughout the day and go all around the world. The most popular are the princess trolley, Elsa and Anna, and of Course Mickey and the gang. Listen for the changing music and keep you eyes out for these toddler favorite Characters to come strolling by!

Play Areas – There are some amazing outside playareas for your toddler to get some energy out. One of the best ones is right by Test Track. Although currently closed due to Covid restrictions, when this opens, it is an amazing shaded area for little ones to play!


MousekeTip of the Day

Strollers are a must here! If you have a real young one, plan for walking around the world in the afternoon. You might be one of the lucky ones that their toddler falls asleep in the stroller and the adults and stroll and eat and drink. Also no mom shaming here, I will sometimes plan screen time too here so the adults can eat and drink and the little one can recharge and relax!

As you can see Epcot is great for everyone, including your toddler! Share your experiences with toddlers in Epcot with us in the comments below or on our facebook page. Also take a look at Pinterest!  Take a listen to our podcast episode on Toddlers in Epcot or watch on Youtube

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