The Best of Season 1: MousekeMoms Podcast

It’s been a heck of a season 1 on MousekeMoms: A Disney Podcast! We thank you for tuning in each week to listen to our antics, share our love of a good Mousekecocktail and maybe even learn a thing or two. In this episode, we revisit the best of season 1. So sit back, relax, sip on those cocktails and indulge us one more time.

MousekeFood and Drinking

Universal Studios cocktails

We wouldn’t be the Mousekemoms without talking about some of our best food and drink conversations of 2020. You know we mean business when part of our “what to pack for our trip” conversation included the recommendation to bring only elastic waistband clothing so that we could, quite literally, fit it all in. Also of note was the infamous “Tastes like Grandpa” moment we had with the Yuzu Martini in the Japan pavilion at the Food and Wine Festival. Not our finest moment, but we Mousekemoms make sacrifices in the name of research to benefit our beloved listeners. And we certainly can’t forget the rest of our vacay food and drink recaps. I still don’t know how we fit in all of our restaurant must eats in such a short amount of time. Go team!!

COVID Silver Linings?

It would’ve been impossible to do a Best of Season 1 recap without including the lessons we’ve learned during these uncertain and unprecedented times. We absolutely learned to find the silver linings during our Mousekemoms trip to the parks in October. But we couldn’t be ALL serious about this serious topic. We’re moms, after all. A bit of comic relief was completely necessary. I mean how could you possibly expect us to maintain social distancing if Chris Evans or Hugh Jackman really were at the character meet and greets in Universal Studios?? Be sure to listen to the podcast to see what I mean. 

MousekeMoms Do the Theme Parks

Our planning episodes were epic. We planned our drinking and eating (of course) as well as our sleeping arrangements in each resort. How could those discussions NOT lead to shenanigans? I think we spent most of the three months leading up to the trip in denial that it would actually happen. We were ambitious trying to get three busy moms from three different time zones together in one place for an entire week during a pandemic. But the stars aligned and we made it work thanks to our families. And you all benefited as you saw over the several hilarious episodes that followed that trip!

Parenting Advice???

7 Dwarfs Mine Train

We’ve given our fair share of parenting advice over a year of episodes. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should listen to us. Especially when we don’t always remember how old our own kids are or that maybe it’s frowned upon to take our tykes into a dark theater just to giggle when they get scared. Don’t people always tell you that in Disney, anyone can be a kid again? We sometimes take that literally…

The One Where We Ruin EVERYTHING

Have you been keeping a checklist of all the things we’ve ruined for you in Disney and Universal studios? Let’s see: there was Pleasure Island, Grad Night, wheelchair accessible lines, Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure, Jimmy Fallon Race Through NY, E.T…. Will we add to the list in 2021? We apologize in advance. If you’re still listening in spite of all of this, you’ll want to keep listening to this episode where we air our outtakes…

Our Confessions

The Mommy Dash

From outtake confessions to Coffee Confessions with our new friends from the Mommy Dash, we have laid it all out there for you over the course of Season One. We’ve always said that we would give you our no holds barred take on Disney and we’ve kept our word. We tell it like it is and make no apologies. Whether it’s been confessing to weird pregnancy cravings, sharing our unpopular Disney opinions or teasing each other for (*gasp*) having “other Disney friends”, we hope you’ve felt like part of the family and part of the inside jokes. 

New Adventures

Bob Chapek and Bob Iger
Always Sunny with Lori
Kingdom and Cruise Travel

It’s been a heck of a year. And there are a few things that we are MOST proud of. We think our first season of our MousekeMoms podcast was a hit! And we were so excited to supplement that in early October with the launch of our MousekeMoms Blog. We loved being able to report Disney news and happenings to our listeners quickly through this forum. And we’ve really loved letting our three different personalities shine through in the birth of our series: Dear Bob(s), What Would Juliana Do?, and Always Sunny with Lori. But our biggest accomplishment this year came in November with the launch of our travel Agency, Kingdom and Cruise Travel

We can’t wait to see what Season 2 will bring us! We’ve already got some great content planned (and a few surprises up our sleeves)! 

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