Top 5 Tips for Large Groups Going to Disney World

Welcome back, Mousekefriends!!  So you are heading to Disney with a large group!? Wonderful! Whether you are planning a multi-generational trip, an extended family group, or even a large group of friends, there is SO much to think about and we have the TOP TIPS for you!

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But First, the Mouseke-cocktail!

Traveling with a large group can be stressful.  We have the solution.  The Nomad Lounge is one of our favorite places to grab a drink.  The most refreshing drink on the menu is a watermelon margarita called the Hightower Rocks! And it’s pretty.  Bonus.  Plus, any drink with fruit is healthy.

We love most of the drinks on the Nomad Lounge menu. This one has some special flair and we highly recommend it. Photo: Disney Food Blog

Now for the roundup:

1. Designate a Group Leader

Who is the most Type A of all the control freaks in the fam?  That’s your point woman.  Sorry guys, it will probably be a woman.  She’s going to spearhead this thing, and she should absolutely use a Disney Travel Planner to be her wing-woman.  Of course you already know Kingdom and Cruise Travel has the most experienced, dedicated and friendly travel agents. There are so many working parts.  With a large group, you will need the guidance of a professional.

This is the vibe and commitment you want from your Disney Travel Advisor. We got you. We will be fully clothed, however.

2. Time Management

With a large group, scheduling is everything.  You need to show up early and plan for the unexpected delays that can happen in a group.  Arrive a little early to your dining reservation, lightning lane returns, transportation. Set your times to meet and stick to it!  It’s hard to accommodate large groups.  It would be a shame if you miss a dining reservation due to some late family members.


Nobody wants to be the scheduling police. But someone has to do it. You will thank them later. Photo Cred: The Disney Wiki

3. Plan to Do Things Apart

But this is a family reunion!! We know, but take our advice.  Everyone will have a slightly different idea of what makes the perfect Disney vacation.  You will never please everyone.  There will be some travelers wanting to do the big rides and some don’t.  Agree during early planning stages to part ways sometimes.  It’s ok!  You will see them at dinner.  Or at the pool.  Just make sure you’re ALL at the SAME RESORT if you want to have pool time together.

A large group with have all the personality types. Give each other some space! Especially Anger.

4. Manage Expectations

This should happen before you go.  Sit the family down and everyone write a wish list.  How many times do you all want to be together for a meal?  Or for pool time? Or for ride time?  What are the rides that everyone can actually do together?  There are many ways to accommodate your family for meals and fun in Disney World! Disney Springs restaurants have lost of space for large groups and you can contact the restaurants directly. You CAN please everyone some of the time.

Maybe a character meal is on everyone’s wish list. A Disney Travel Advisor can help you make this happen!

5. Build in Down Time Together

The parks are the main attraction for your group.  But your resort, Disney Springs, and other magical opportunities exist for you all to be together and make memories.  Disney’s mini-golf courses are great fun for large groups.  You can also get together at the pool or resort lawn for Movie Nights Under the Stars and order pizza!  This is a great activity that fits a large group and needs NO reservation!

Bring your towels or blankets for movie night.

Disney Springs has nightly entertainment outdoors that does not need a reservation.  You can also book a Fireworks Cruise for 10 people and double it if you need 20 spots.  They will send out two boats at once! Last, you can schedule a photoshoot for your group.  Disney photographers are ready to Capture Your Moment!

Are you ready to travel with a large group? Contact us today!  Who do you want to travel to Disney with? Let us know in the comments.


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