Tower of Terror

BREAKING: Tower of Terror Billboard at WDW Decomissioned and Destroyed

The iconic sign, constructed in the 90’s on World Drive, met its end early this morning.

Fans of the iconic billboard have been posting on social media about the once great monument. This billboard was erected to advertise the thrilling attraction almost 30 years ago.

The Tower of Terror

The Tower of Terror opened to the public in July of 1994, as part of then CEO Michael Eisner’s expansion project. Opening in what was once MGM Studios, the Tower of Terror has stood as a staple in this great park. This drop-style dark ride has captured the hearts of many Disney fans… and thrill-ride fans for years. Standing at 199ft and 11inches tall, it is among the tallest structures at Walt Disney in Florida. The attraction was so successful, that iterations of the ride opened at other Disney parks, including Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, and Disneyland Paris. Famously, the version that lives in California is now the Guardians of The Galaxy Mission: Breakout.

This ride is a first of its kind adventure. Each ride vehicle is pulled both up AND down at speeds up to 39mph, giving you a more thrilling feeling than free-falling. The randomized drop sequences ensure that you never have the same ride twice!

Currently, Disney has no plans to get rid of the ride that we are aware of. In fact, it just reopened after some refurbishments in early 2022, as many rides have recently. (Click here to read about Expedition Everest’s refurbishment)

Mousekemom Fact

The Tower of Terror is 199ft tall because in Florida, structures of 200ft or more in height are required by law to have an aircraft beacon on top. Imagineers didn’t want to have this eyesore they felt would break the illusion of the ride, so they made sure to stay just under the height restriction.

Will you miss this iconic Disney sign? Let us know in the comments below! 

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