Disney’s Wish: An Overview and Review

Hello, Mousekefriends! Welcome back for the much anticipated, exciting review for new addition to the Disney Cruise fleet- the Disney’s Wish! Our Mousekemom friends recorded their latest podcast on board- check that out here!

Disney's Wish

When we last talked to our Mousekemom pals, they were getting ready for their trip. Captain Minnie invited our Mousekemoms, Jen, Lori and Juliana, on a special preview sailing! Donning her adorable Captain’s pantsuit, she was just so sweet! She was very prominent especially in the Welcome Aboard Show!

In the atrium, as you walk in is a stage. Part of the Welcome Aboard Show is on this stage, where you get to use the magic wand you receive- we won’t give spoilers, you’ll have to see it for yourself. We love that they have the separate stage though, instead of having to block of the grand staircase for the ship.

The mascot for the ship is Cinderella, and as you walk in they did a beautiful job making you feel like you’re going in to Cinderella’s castle. The atrium itself is very regal, castle-like. 

There are nice touches to the new layouts they did, such as moving Guest Services to another floor- now you feel like you’re in a Disney production instead of a hotel. 

They also changed the two big-pool layout, with several smaller feature pools, deep pools, soaking pools, kids pools, water feature pools- there is an option for anyone! Disney really does listen too- one of our favorite things bout the pools is the kid’s splash section. There is only one entry and exit, and tons of seating so you can plop your stuff down for the day and not worry about your kids running off! 

Adults Only!

Another thing they changed to the layout is the way they do the Adult areas. On the other ships, it was like an adult district. It was out of the way, and you had to be intentional about getting there. Now, they have them spread out a little more, and it actually makes more sense. For example, the Nightingale is a piano bar based on Cinderella, located right of the Cinderella-themed atrium. 

One of the most anticipated would be the Hyperion, giving Oga’s Cantina Vibes. Super cool, very tiny. Most of these areas are smaller, but as we dive deeper into this sailing in the next several weeks, we’ll tell you all about it!


This ride was something the Mousekemoms were very excited for! When they went to ride, it was a 60 minute wait, so they came back later and only waited 10 minutes… they are super glad they didn’t wait an hour! This feature was touted as an exciting dark ride with projections of our favorite Disney Pals, in an aquatic adventure. The ride, advertised as an “aquacoaster”, fell flat to our Mousekemoms. Kids would probably love it though!

Mousekemom Tip

If the line for AquaMouse is 60 minutes, just go back later. It ebbs and flows throughout the day. But do yourself a favor and definitely ride it for yourself- but know that it isn’t really a coaster of sorts

Another thing we were so excited for is the spa. They have a rainforest room, it’s a flat fee, for the 3 night cruise is was $166 per person. It includes a nice outdoor area too.

It used to be that you would book a package at the spa and you would only get access to the changing room. Now, if you pay the fee, you get to use the rainforest shower, the sauna, the steam room, the ice room, an enclosed outdoor space with comfy loungers, and hot-tubs. We love this, as the cost is reasonable and you really can get a LOT out of it. 


Our controversial topic- the theming- and Mousekemom Lori was not thrilled. We thought that with advertising, the colors would be blues, purples, etc. When we walked in, GREEN carpet, GREEN walls, GREEN lights… it was Mousekemoms green. Each hall is a different color- ours was Sleeping Beauty themed, but it was a LOT of green. The cast members weren’t even sure of the rhyme or reason to the color separation. The inside decor of the rooms, is the blues, golds, greys that we were expecting, but those hallways are all different, themed to different classic princess movies. 

The Rooms

Of course, we have the regular stateroom categories that we see on Disney Cruises, but we were able to get an inside look at a couple of these- namely the Tower Suites and the Royal Suites. 


The Tower Suites are 3 bedrooms, actually in the funnels of the ship. They are notably the most expensive staterooms on board. It’s lovely, but note that there are no outdoor spaces in these rooms. 


The Royal Suites are The Aurora and Briar Rose Suites. They are 2 bedroom, two-story and lovely. The Aurora suites are more of the elegant, whites, blues, greys, and the Briar-Rose are more-so woodsy feeling. Still lovely. 


Three nights, there were three big shows. One was the Goofy’s Sailaway Adventure. Great music, the cast was phenomenal, and were broadway level.

The second night was Pirate Night. They had the Parlay party, Captain Jack was back. The fireworks were amazing.

The third night we got to see the final night of dress rehearsals for the Little Mermaid. It was a great twist on the classic, and we loved it. 

We have SO MUCH to tell you about the Disney Wish- Stay Tuned for more!

Mousekemom Tip

If you want to cruise on this ship- book your tickets now! It is selling out fast, and will be a busy ship! Feel free to contact our friends at Kingdom and Cruise to get you set up for your next fabulous adventure!

We are SO excited to be able to get you guys the inside scoop before the general public will even get to see- Does this make you want to book a Disney Cruise? I’ll see you at the Port!

Can’t get enough? Listen to our Mousekemoms Podcast here.

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