Disney Attractions that Need to Go!

With the recent closure and Princess & The Frog re-theming of Splash Mountain  (May She Rest In Pieces),  the MousekeMoms are thinking it’s time for some other Disney attractions that need to go!

But be warned! Opinions may be controversial…

Magic Kingdom

We all can agree that the Magic Kingdom is the Most Magical Place on Earth, but some of the attractions there have lost their spark. In Adventureland, attractions like The Magic Carpets of Aladdin and Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room is a skip for many people on their Magic Kingdom days. Better versions of similar attractions are out there like Dumbo the Flying Elephant that has recently been updated to include a playground in its queue. The technology while groundbreaking is so “old school” that its lost its charm, even if its a great place to enjoy a Dole Whip.

In Fantasyland, many of the attractions are skips or time fillers. The Barnstormer may be your little ones’ first coaster, but after that first ride you probably will never ride it again. And now with Seven Dwarfs Mine Train being in the same park, the Barnstormer is even less popular for families with littles. Other rides like Under the Sea- Journey of The Little Mermaid and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh may be favorites for families with Princess or Piglet lovers. Otherwise, they are slow moving attractions that don’t have the nostalgic factor that other Fantasyland attractions have. (Author’s Note: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is a National Treasure. My 60+ year old Father is never happier than when he is bouncing in a Honey Pot with Tigger… told you this article is controversial!)

But if there is one ride All Disney’s enthusiast can agree on hitting the road its’  Tomorrowland Speedway. With TRON now in town, there’s nothing “Tomorrow” about (poorly) driving an old car around a fuel-smelling, sun beating down on you track. 

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is one of  MousekeMoms favorite parks, but is often skipped by many Disney World fans and some of these attractions may be why. Dinoland USA was once an exciting area, but with attraction closures this land need help, but it might be easier to extinct this land like the Dinosaurs. Imagineers are on the same page too. At the most recent D23 , concept art was shown of a possible Moana or Zootopia land where Dinoland USA currently is. 

Two of some people’s favorite Animal Kingdom favorites are on the MousekeMoms’ list, but with a few changes could be greatly improved.  Kali River Rapids is the only raft style ride in the 4 Main Theme parks but is a skipped ride for many because of the odd theming about illegal logging and how short the attraction is. Na’vi River Journey could also use some help. Guests can wait hours for this ride (wait time when writing this blog is 90+ mins) but find its a very short boat ride with the only exciting part being one Na’vi animatronic. With the addition of a Disney re-theme or adding new characters, these rides could go from a skip to a must do very quickly.  

Re-themeing is not always the solution to the attractions problems however. Exhibit A: Finding Nemo- The Big Blue and Beyond. This show was revamped in the past year, but is still not a hit for most Animal Kingdom guests.  Sorry Nemo fans… try Turtle Talk with Crush at EPCOT instead. 

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is home to some heavy hitting attractions like Rise of the Resistance, Tower of Terror and Mickey & Minnies Runway Railway, but there is definitely some room for improvement at this park. A big complaint about this park is it is confusing and the biggest problem with Studios is Star Tours. Yes, this ride makes many people nauseous, but a bigger issue is its location. Star Tours is located not in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge but in the Echo Lake area, so those wanting to totally immerse themselves in the Star Wars experience are out of luck. Sorry Starcruiser Guests, you have to leave Batuu to hit PizzaRizzo first.

Speaking of the Muppets, don’t worry the MousekeMoms aren’t kicking Kermit out. But Muppetvision 3D does need an update. The attraction shows its age several times throughout the show and needs to be more Muppet focused! Give the people what they want! More Miss Piggy! Another attraction showing its age is Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage. This stage show has been done for years and the MousekeMoms are ready to see something new in that space. (Author’s Note again: Beauty and the Beast is another National Treasure that should never go away! So many Hot Takes MousekeMoms!)


And finally we reach our EPCOT rides. EPCOT has been going through a huge transformation that will be completed this Fall, but the MousekeMoms have a few more changes to recommend! Mission Space’s theme fits well in its home at EPCOT, but the attraction is so out of date and nauseating that it needs to be replaced. No one wants to ride this on their eating and drinking around the world days and its too intense for children to ride. A fun attraction for the whole family in Mission Space’s place would be out of this world!

We have reached perhaps the most controversial ride of all. Journey into Imagination with Figment has been through a few versions of the attraction and the current version is no longer “current”. While Figment himself may be an icon, his ride is 90s nightmare fuel. With one little spark of imagination, an update of this ride could make Journey into Imagination even more popular than the Figment Popcorn Bucket.

Did the MousekeMoms get it right? What attraction do you think needs to go? What attractions do you want to save? Share with us in the comments and in the MousekeMoms Facebook Group!

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