Best Photos at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World offers loads of picturesque backdrops to capture the Magic in photos. Whether you’re looking for that hot shot for Insta or the most iconic shot to round out your family album, we’ve got you covered. We’ve even sprinkled some lesser known gems in our list of the Best Photos at Walt Disney World.


Oga's Cantina Fuzzy TaunTaun

One of the most Instagrammable photos in all of Walt Disney World is the Fuzzy TaunTaun at Oga’s Cantina. This drink is made with Cîroc Peach Vodka and Bols Peach Schnapps with orange tangerine juice and a “Buzz Button Tingling” foam on top. While we MousekeMoms are not that into drinks with Peach Schnapps, this article is about photos, and this drink delivers. The drink pops off the page against the backdrop of the colorful bar at Oga’s.

Hollywood Studios

In front of the Millenium Falcon

Just outside of Docking Bay 7, a Quick Service in Galaxy’s Edge, there is a photopass photographer who gets an amazing shot of the ship. This elevated vantage point is particularly great because you are in the foreground with the entire Falcon as the backdrop. Bonus tip: you can easily get this great photo yourself by arriving early and taking the photo while the masses are in line for Rise of the Resistance, but you may not get the whole ship.

Grogu Magic Shot

Off to the side, on the path into Galaxy’s Edge, you’ll often see people crouching down to take a photo with someone who isn’t there. They are taking the Grogu Magic Shot, you need to be a Jedi to see it.

Miss Piggy's Fountain

Miss Piggy's Fountain Hollywood Studios

This one is super nostalgic for us MousekeMoms, and one we have to get every time. Our soft spot for excellent theming and all things Muppets puts this shot solidly on the list of Best Photos in Walt Disney World.

Chinese Theater vs Hollywood Tower of Terror

Chinese Theater Hollywood Studios

If you’re looking for photos in front of the four Icons, you’ll need to grab a shot in front of the Chinese Theater at Hollywood Studios. But we argue the better shot is down Sunset Boulevard with the Hollywood Tower Hotel as your backdrop.


Animal Kingdom


There is a path walking through Pandora with where you can frame a photo with the floating mountains overhead in the distance. Here’s a shot from underneath. And of course, get some shots of Pandora itself, all lit up at night.

Pandora Floating Mountains Animal Kingdom

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Animal Kingdom’s Icon does not disappoint, and there are myriad angles from which you can get a good photo at the Tree of Life. PhotoPass Photographers can be found all around.

Expedition Everest


On the bridge between Africa and Asia, there are PhotoPass Photographers stationed to capture a shot of your family in front of Expedition Everest. And if you ask nicely, they may make it snow!

Fichwa Fellow

Fichwa Fellow

Did you know that Fichwa is Swahili for hidden? This adorable, but Not-So-Well-Hidden Mickey has become an Instagram sensation. We love how Mickey stands out in this very heavily themed area of Africa. We think this is the coolest of all of WDW’s “Instagram Walls,” and he’s one of the cutest and best photos in Walt Disney World. 


Spaceship Earth

Epcot’s icon is just that, iconic. Spaceship Earth photographs beautifully, but we especially love it at night now with it’s new(ish) light show.

Another one of the best photo spots in Walt Disney World with Spaceship Earth in the background is from in front of the pergola at the Japan Pavilion. 



Tucked in a corner near the exit of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure are two adorable mopeds you can sit on for a photo.  

Epcot France Vespa

Magic Kingdom

Cinderella Castle

You can’t go to Magic Kingdom without getting a shot in front of the best of the best photos in Walt Disney World. 

If using PhotoPass photographers, we advise continuing down Main Street to the ones you will find closest to the castle. It’s a better shot, and the lines are usually shorter there.

Cinderella Castle through archway

Also, if you are a looking at the castle to the left side, there are a bunch of archways. You can stand in the archway with the castle in the background for a different angle.

Another really cool pic is on the bench on the walkway coming to Fantasyland from Liberty Square. You can sit on the bench, looking up at the castle. Great pic.

Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest Stained Glass

The stained glass window in the lobby of Be Our Guest makes for one of the . If you don’t have a reservation, you may still be able to walk in for the picture. If not, Beast’s Castle photographs nicely from outside on the entrance bridge.

Gaston's Tavern and Fountain

Before 10am, it’s pretty easy to find this area to be quiet enough for a great picture in front of the fountain, with the tavern behind. But if you’d like to find a friend in your photo, use the PhotoPass photographer.

Paper Lanterns

This one of the best photos in Walt Disney World is only available with a PhotoPass Photographer. In the evening, once it’s dark, you can have a photo taken outside the Tangled toilets with your family holding a lighted paper lantern. We love this one, but beware. There is a queue.


While most of these photos can be taken with your own camera, we highly recommend the purchase of Memory Maker. With Memory Maker you have access to download all of PhotoPass photos taken of you and your family. No more stressing over the perfect shot, only to be left out of the photo.

In addition, we love Capture Your Moment. Available at all four parks, you can get a 20 minute session with your very own PhotoPass photographer. We’ve done it. It’s a great way to capture and store those core memories.

What do you think?

We know there are SO many more great photo spots we didn’t cover. We would love to hear from you. In fact, SHOW us! Send us your favorite Disney pics.

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