YouTuber Jen Lefforge

Conversations with YouTuber Jen Lefforge

This week we were so excited and honored to have our special guest, YouTuber Jen Lefforge, join us on our podcast. It’s always a bit nerve racking to invite a guest into our bubble. But Jen was a natural and our conversation was easy. She is our kind of people!!

YouTuber Jen Lefforge

First we must tell you a little bit about our new friend, Jen. After a 25 year career, Jen Lefforge took a one year grown up gap year and decided to document her adventures on YouTube. Three years later, this wife and empty-nest mom of 3 has 2 youtube channels with over  30,000 subscribers and millions of views. She now makes her living talking all things Disney and Lifestyle on her two YouTube channels, Jen Lefforge and Joyful Living with Jen Lefforge, and loves that she’s made her passion her day job! She can be found on “all the things” simply as Jen Lefforge. Jen also does consulting for aspiring youtube creators, so check out her website for more information on that.

Joyful Living with Jen Lefforge

YouTube Channel

Jen’s first channel is her Joyful Living with Jen Lefforge channel. Although not a Disney-centric channel, this one speaks to us more than we can say. It is here where Jen shares all about her life, her frequent travels, her struggles, and how she lives her most joyful life! She focuses on the perfection in the imperfection and in finding joy in the little things. As an empty nester, she made the decision to not wallow in sadness as she sent her children off to their next phases of life; but instead to embrace the newfound time she had to chase her passions herself. As she said so beautifully on our podcast, “Have a life that is so fantastic you don’t need to escape it.” Check out this channel for her raw, tell-it-like it is stance and great tips on how to live your best life so that every day is something to look forward to.  

Jen Lefforge

Of course our initial interest in this amazing YouTuber was from her Disney YouTube channel. This one is fun to watch! We love a channel that is authentic. Jen loves Disney, but not at the expense of providing her viewers with an honest take on resorts, restaurants and the like. We MousekeMoms can appreciate that. This channel grew from Jen’s experiences in purchasing Disney Vacation Club (DVC).  And, she has some awesome, informative videos on her channel to help with that decision. As she has learned (and shares with her viewers), DVC is not for everyone and she breaks that down in a really easy to understand way. Of course you can also watch her amazing resort reviews (check out the one she did on Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort) as well as her food reviews, runDisney experiences and planning videos. Check her out now!  Our review? YouTuber Jen Lefforge is NOT to be missed! Subscribe immediately!

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