Must-Have Disney Holiday Cocktails

It’s upon us: Holiday Season and all that comes with it. ‘Tis the season for the shopping, the traffic, the crowds, and the stress, but also the Magic, the excitement, the joy, and the traditions. Our favorite part is always the gathering, and of course, the food and drink.

Whether we’re planning a big holiday party, or just cozying up by the fire, we like to get in the holiday “spirit” (see what I did there) with a festive drink we might not have any other time of year. This year, for inspiration, we turn to Disney for some Disney Holiday cocktails that we can try to recreate at home.

They're all MousekeCocktails

Classic Cocktails with a Holiday Twist

The Winter Wonderland probably won’t work as a big batch cocktail, but you can certainly set out the ingredients, rimmed glasses, and a shaker for guests to become mixologists themselves. 

For the Poinsettia,  use whichever orange-flavored liqueur you like: Cointeau, Orange Curacao, triple sec. If Cuvee isn’t something you can easily get where you live, use your favorite sparkling white wine for this festive cocktail. What a great way to add some oomph to your New Year’s toast!

The Pomegranate Mule takes the Moscow Mule into the Holidays. We love the addition of Pomegranate juice and syrup, but the also suggest a sprig of rosemary instead of mint for a heartier holiday twist.

Warm Sprits to Warm the Soul

Just the thing to warm you up on a cold winter’s night. You can make a single serving for yourself, or consider closing out your big party by setting out a coffee urn of Black Cherry Bourbon Hot Chocolate. Place mugs and garnishes on the side.

Interested in something a little more exotic? Try the Napa Rose S’more. Mezcal gives this drink a surprising smokiness, while the Licor 43 adds citrus and vanilla notes. Add that to bourbon, coffee, and chocolate. Yes please!

A much simpler but equally exotic recipe comes from Germany. Okay, make German Gluhwein is no different than American Mulled Mine. Wherever you want to drink it, it’s just the thing to get you into the holiday mood. 

Tropical Holiday Cocktails

If instead you dream of a white sand Christmas, give the Tropical Snowstorm a try. With so much going on, this drink sounds as confused as a blizzard in the South. Having had, and thoroughly enjoyed, mint and coconut combined in a cocktail in the past, I’m willing to try it. What do you think?

This punny cocktail name stays true to Trader Sam’s kitschy atmosphere, and it’s perfect for a tropical holiday party. The ingredients are easy to find and put together. Be careful though. As the name suggests, this one may sneak up on you.


If you are hosting your own festive holiday gathering, but don’t want to bartend all night, consider turning one of these Disney Holiday Cocktails into a big batch signature cocktail at your party. You could fill a pump-style coffee urn with Gluhwein, or Sam’s slay ride would look gorgeous in a punch bowl with frozen cranberries.

Whatever you choose, please be responsible. And don’t over-serve Grandma, lest she stumble out the door into the snow.

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