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We are so excited to be launching our first in a series of podcast episodes called Stump the Stylist. Suze Solari is a Personal Stylist and Fashion Author coming to us from Lori’s neck of the woods in Chicago. She works with Mommas just like us, all over the country, helping us look amazing in our clothes, so we always feel confident for work, play and everyday, and especially while traveling. Suze will be joining us for a series of podcast episodes to help us and YOU become experts and pack with purpose for any type of travel! 

First a little fun background about Suze:  Suze lived in Hong Kong and Singapore for 5 years, and practiced interior design around South East Asia. This is where she honed her ability to help create amazing outfits from what you already have in your closet, and of course it’s where she developed her love of TRAVEL!! Suze is the author of the Pack with Purpose Handbook and she offers a video course to walk you through an easy process of how to prepare and pack a versatile capsule travel wardrobe, including the perfect travel outfits and shoes for every activity on your itinerary!

Check Suze out on Facebook where she goes live every Wednesday with different lessons and topics to help with your style needs. 

Of course we couldn’t have Suze on our show without talking to her about tips to pack a work/play Disney theme parks wardrobe for our upcoming trip. And we needed to get her take on how to involve the kiddos in our packing process for vacation. Take a listen.

We are so excited about this new collaboration. Suze will enlighten and empower us all to eliminate the stress and overwhelm of travel packing … so you always feel confident + polished while on any type of vacation and business trips. We are thrilled to welcome her in our first episode of our recurring series!!! Let’s pack with purpose!

Suze Solari
Suze Solari

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