Dining on Disney Cruise Line

Hello, Mousekefriends! Today we’ll be continuing our Disney Cruise Line series, and narrowing in on dining on Disney Cruise Line today! There’s a lot you should knw about dining on Disney Cruises, so let’s dive right in! 

A Quick Breakdown

  • There are several things you should know before boarding your ship:
  • There are two times for dining in the evening. Main Seating begins at 5:45, and Second Seating begins at 8:15. When you go to book through your agent, you would let them know your preference for dining.
  • Disney Cruise Line offers Rotational Dining. This is a unique aspect of Disney Cruises, offered on all five ships. On each ship, there are three table service restaurants, which you will rotate between each night. However, your server will rotate with you through the restaurants. You’ll get to know your servers, and they’ll get to know you as your vacation progresses. 
  • There’s one or two adult dining options on your ship, depending on which ship you choose to sail on. Those are the only restaurants that will be an extra charge. 

Palo and Remy: Dream and Fantasy

Palo: Magic and Wonder

Palo Steakhouse and Enchante: The Wish

  • There are several quick-services options onboard, such as Cabanas or Marceline Market. These are the buffets open for breakfast and lunch. There are other options by the pool which may include pizza, tacos, ramen, shawarma, soft serve and BBQ.
  • Room Service is free and available 24 hours! Definitely use it to your advantage.

Deciding Which Dining Time is Best For You

As stated above, there are two seating. One at 5:45 and one at 8:15. When deciding which one is best for you, there are several things you’ll want to factor in. If you have younger kids, you’ll want to probably snag the main dining. If you are going on an adults-only trip, you may want to consider a later dining time, so you can make the most of your time on the ship. 

If you do not get the dining time you want, you can go to the maître de and try to switch to your desired time.

Room Service

Room service is 100% free for you to use! It is available any time, and includes several tasty options for you to enjoy in your room, including breakfast options in the morning, and more hearty dishes at night, like pasta and burgers. Although room service is included, don’t forget to bring some ones to tip for room service! 

Room service will also do cookies and milk or Mickey ice-cream bars. They are not on the menu, but are still offered! 

Rotational Dining

Rotational dining is such a unique thing to Disney Cruise Line. They get to know you, and they anticipate your needs, especially with kids. Your kid wants chocolate milk every night? It’ll be there waiting every night after the first night. Have dietary restrictions? They will point you in the right direction every night, you wont have to worry about rehashing it nightly. It is the service that goes above and beyond for us. 

For the restaurants, you’ll be trying each one at least once, depending on the length of your sailing. Each ship has different options, from Animators Palate, to Arendelle. The food is just so good, especially in comparison to other cruise lines. You can also try a little bit of anything! They are extremely accommodating, and make the experience the BEST.


Non-alcoholic drinks such as soda, juice, water and tea are included in the price of your cruise. There are stations to fill up on drinks on the ship, such as the pool deck or Cabanas/Marceline Market. Drinks that are not included in the price include alcoholic drinks, specialty drinks, and specialty coffee drinks. There are all available throughout the ship at an extra charge. 

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